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One Stop for Saving Money
"Superior Comfort and Energy Efficiency"

Construction Savings:
  1. Vapor barriers aren't required. Our product meets the IBC 2000 code exception.
  2. Fire blocking isn't required. Our product meets ASTM testing as fire blocking.
  3. Exterior air barriers aren't required.
  4. Heating and Cooling system sizes can be reduced. (NuWool guarantees accurate sizing.)
  5. Chimneys aren't required when combined with Sealed Combustion High Efficiency Boilers and Furnaces.
Client Comfort:
  1. Lowers energy requirements for heating and cooling to create superior comfort.
  2. Eliminates dangerous or problematic roof icing.
  3. Eliminates mold and mildew in building assemblies -- backed by a NuWool Lifetime Guarantee.
  4. Provides excellent Sound Dampening and Attenuation.
  5. Preventes insects from nesting within the walls.
Client Savings:
  1. Guaranteed Savings on heating and cooling. NuWool will reimburse 50% of any extra fuel cost for 3 years if it is over estimate.
  2. Amazingly low fuel consumption. It helps fight rising fuel prices.
    Case Studies:
    • Unity, NH 3,124 sq ft. home. Fuel Use: apx. 400 gal. oil / year
    • St. Johnsbury, VT - 6,100 sq. ft. home. Fuel Use: apx. 800 gal. oil / year
Increased Resale Value:
Your home comes with:
  1. Low Fuel Consumption backed by NuWool's guarantee.
  2. Energy Star's "5 Star" Home Rating.
  3. Fuel records, proving the low energy usage of your house.
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